Pre-order Return of the Jerk for .99!

Teaser ROTJ 2small

I created this teaser for Return of the Jerk and then realized I forgot to add that it’s only .99 while it’s on pre-order! It will go up to 3.99 after it’s release. This was my first book teaser and it was really fun to make though it was hard to pick just one quote. I might have to make more teasers just so I can use all the other quotes I liked!

I ran a Kindle Countdown for Year of Living Blonde this past week and had a great response. I appreciate all of you who either bought a copy of the book or started reading it with Kindle Unlimited. Thank you! I also want to thank those of you who clicked pre-order for Return of the Jerk. You made this author very happy! Return of the Jerk will be available on Kindle Unlimited once it’s released, so if you’d like a reminder of this sign up for my mailing list. I plan to send out reminders to everyone on my list once the book goes live. Which is only 6.8 weeks away! (Okay, that’s a while, but I’m still excited!)



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