‘Return of the Jerk’ is up for pre-order!

ROTJ EBook Cover Final

I’m excited to announce ‘Return of the Jerk‘ is available for pre-order on Amazon! Grab it now for the $.99 pre-order sale price and it will be delivered to you on September 17th. It will also be part of Kindle Unlimited for the first three months. This is book two in my series Sweet Life in Seattle and can be read as a stand alone. It’s Blair and Road’s story. If you’ve read the first book ‘Year of Living Blonde‘ then you know Blair is co-owner of the Seattle bakery La Dolce Vita and makes wedding cakes. Her husband, Road, abandoned her after only four months of marriage and she hasn’t heard from him in five years. (I know, what a jerk, right?) And now he’s back ready to cause trouble. He’s her best friend’s older brother. (I think I’ve already mentioned this, but I have a tragic weakness for unrequited love stories involving the best friend’s older brother!) Blair has to contend with him and all those intense feelings he once evoked in her. It’s a fun book with plenty of steam and both characters surprised me quite a bit as I was writing it. My first reader told me she thinks Road is the hottest guy I’ve written yet. (Thank you Erika! ) I have to admit–he’s definitely sexy. I’ve wanted to write a hero like him for a while.

In other news, ‘Year of Living Blonde is finally available in paperback. To celebrate I’m giving away a signed copy on Goodreads! The giveaway runs from July 2-9, so enter if you’re interested in winning a paperback signed by yours truly. Depending on how it goes, I might run a couple of giveaways this summer. I’m addicted to my Kindle, but have to admit I occasionally miss paperbacks. I think what I miss is not seeing the cover of the book I’m reading. It’s like with an e-book you see the cover once when you buy it and then barely look at it again!

My next project is Lindsay’s book, ‘Some Like it Hotter’. This is the third book in the series. I’ve been scribbling notes and ideas for a while, and have started doing research for it. And, yes, Giovanni is in this book. I’ve had some people ask me about him. The Italian Viking! He’s quite different than Anthony. I’d like to release the book in early 2016. We’ll see how much of it I can get written this summer. I’m not a fast writer, and write mostly intuitively, so it takes me a while to finish a book. Plus all the books in this series are fairly lengthy. I tend to write the kind of books I enjoy reading myself which means they are long and juicy!


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2 thoughts on “‘Return of the Jerk’ is up for pre-order!

  • Erika

    Road is definitely sexy! And while it’s true that he’s my favorite guy character yet, I must say that Anthony from Year of Living Blonde is a close second. Road is a loveable guy, but it was Fiona that really made me laugh while reading Return of the Jerk. Watching Blair come into her own was awesome as well. Your books just keep getting better, Andrea!