Year of Living Blonde – Summer Sale! Only .99 for a limited time!

Sale-Teaser3-smallWhat time is it? Time for a summer sale! So go grab your copy of Year of Living Blonde and relax with a cold one on the beach. In celebration of summer I’m running a week long Kindle Countdown sale, except I’m keeping the price at only .99 for the whole week! What am I crazy? Has all the sun and sangria finally addled my brain? Probably.

I’m also running another Goodread’s Giveaway that kicks off today for a signed paperback of Year of Living Blonde. The giveaway runs from July 24 – August 14. Three whole weeks this time. Sign up for a chance to win a book of mine made with actual paper!

For those of you following the revamping of my website, you may have noticed I added a new logo for my name. After coming up with ten variations and sweating blood over them, I finally chose the first one. (Isn’t it always like that?) I also made my blog look quite fancy with those round photo previewers. I’m not sure how I did it, but I think I might have impressed myself. (!) I haven’t had to ask my husband, the Geek, any questions at all. I’m starting to realize this new theme does all the heavy lifting for me. How cool is that?

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