Yes, my lovely readers! Book #6 in the Sweet Life in Seattle series – WILD KIND OF WONDERFUL – is here!


Is he the one who got away, or the one she’s glad got away? 

Outlaw. A member of Seattle’s notorious Highway Hedonists. Not all ex-boyfriends are made the same.

They were once obsessively in love. So sure of each other. Seth was her first everything. But Summer split up with him right after high school. It broke her heart, but what choice did she have? His family were criminals, and being some biker’s old lady was hardly the life she wanted for herself.

She hasn’t heard from him in ten years. She never looked him up online. Too afraid of what she’d find.

But then Summer sees him one morning across a crowded coffee shop. It’s Seth. Except his leather cut and long ponytail are gone. Replaced with short hair and an expensive suit and tie.

How is this possible?

She always assumed he was dead or in prison.

It turns out she always assumed wrong.

Warning: Contains one hot ex-boyfriend who may or may not be part of a notorious biker club, a midwife who’s solid and responsible, yet has a penchant for bad boys. And two people who were once obsessed with each other and discover maybe they still are…

*All books in this series can be read as a standalone.

WILD KIND OF WONDERFUL is available in Ebook, Print, and Kindle Unlimited.









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Sweet Life in Seattle series news:

I’m so excited for the release of WILD KIND OF WONDERFUL! I hope you love Summer and Seth as much as I do. I already miss writing about them. After you finish the book, be sure to grab their Bonus Epilogue —> Here 


About Love series news:

The audio for TRUTH ABOUT NERDS & BEES just went up for preorder. It releases on May 21, but if you’re part of Audible you can listen to it right now

TRUTH ABOUT MEN & DOGS and TRUTH ABOUT CATS & SPINSTERS are now both available in audio.

The fourth book in the series will be TRUTH ABOUT YOU & ME. It’s Eliza and Gavin’s story. This is the book I’m currently writing.


Listen to a sample:






Listen to a sample: