It’s finally here! 

Truth About Cats & Spinsters – About Love series, Book#2!


He loves the spotlight. She loves the quiet life.

Leah Kelly is finally living the life of her dreams. After leaving the world of high finance, she bought a small farm and raises alpacas, llamas, and even has her own rooster. Not to mention the seven barn cats.

Living out in the boonies of Truth Harbor, she never expected to meet a rock star. But Joshua Trevant, the sexy lead singer for East Echo, knows how to make an entrance. His life is big and messy, and all the things Leah doesn’t want.

When news gets out that his band is splitting up, it becomes a three-ring circus. The paparazzi circle his home like vultures.

Josh and his eleven-year-old son manage to escape and wind up on Leah’s doorstep, desperate for help.

All they need is a place to lie low until the chaos dies down…

Author’s Note: This is a standalone rock star romance with all the feels. There are funny parts and serious parts, and parts so steamy you’ll want to hide your Kindle so no one can see what you’re reading.





TRUTH ABOUT CATS & SPINSTERS just released on March 14th! Yay! It’s Leah and Josh’s story. You might remember Joshua Trevant from SOME LIKE IT HOTTER. He’s Lindsay’s first husband—the rock singer who was so devastated when she left him. He later became a rockstar. (He’s the one who wrote “Queen of Hearts” about her.) 

If you haven’t read the first book in my About Love series, TRUTH ABOUT MEN & DOGS, now is a good time. All my books can be read as standalones, but I think it’s fun to read them in order since you get to catch up with the characters from the previous book.

A commitment-phobic billionaire tries to help his awkward cousin win the girl of his dreams and accidentally falls in love with her himself.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. Especially to a guy like me.

After complaining that I work too much, my mom and sister have stolen my phone and tricked me into a vacation. They insist I’m going to enjoy this charming small town. My cousin Doug lives here—as if that doesn’t tell me everything I need to know about Truth Harbor.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my cousin. We grew up together, and he’s basically like a brother.

At least he’s finally asked Claire, the woman he’s infatuated with, to go on a date with him. He tells me he’s in love with her. The guy sees wedding bells in their future.

But then Doug gets called away on an emergency and comes up with a crazy plan. He thinks I should take Claire out instead. He wants me to build him up, to tell her what a great guy he is, to help him win her heart.

I tell him it’s the dumbest idea ever. Claire detests me, so I’m the last person he wants vouching for him.

I never should have agreed to it.

Because now I’m falling for the one woman I’m not supposed to.

Author’s Note: This is a standalone romance with lots of laughs, tension, and witty banter. It has a few serious parts. A few steamy parts. No cliffhangers. And a big happily ever after.