About Me

AndreaSimonne websiteMy mom once told me that my Oma (German for Grandma) would continue reading even if the house were on fire. I’m pretty much the same way. As a result I write the kind of books I love to read. Books where you care about the characters so much they become like best friends. And most of all I love a great romance!

Other interests are cooking, knitting, and I’ve been known to play the guitar, but please don’t ask me to sing. (Oh, I’ll sing, but you’ll be begging me to stop!) My heroes are often geeks and so like many romance writers, I married my favorite hero. We both like to travel and especially enjoy taking our kids on new and sometimes far away adventures.

And, of course, I read a lot. I’ll read anything that captures my interest whether it’s a romance, mystery, or the back of a cookie box. (Writers need their cookies—trust me.) So when I’m not writing you can usually find me lounging on the couch, oblivious to everything around me with my nose buried in a good book. In fact, I sure hope the house is never on fire.