Series: Sweet Life in Seattle, Book 3

A free-spirited artist and a surgeon have an ill-fated one-night stand. Now he needs a fake wife. Guess who he asks?

Artist Lindsay West is more than satisfied with her life. She enjoys men, but she enjoys her freedom even more. Why would she marry again? Marriage is like agreeing to eat the same boring meal for the rest of your life.

No, thanks.

Giovanni Novello isn’t like other plastic surgeons. While his colleagues are getting rich doing facelifts and boob jobs, he’s traveling to the most dangerous places in the world helping needy children. Some people even call him a saint.

Lindsay would call him something far less flattering. After a doomed one-night stand, she hopes she never sees “the saint” again.

Except to her astonishment, Giovanni shows up on her doorstep one evening and tells her he needs a wife.

Too bad. He can ask someone else.

But after she’s robbed and all her savings are stolen, she finds herself desperate.

Maybe even desperate enough to marry the saint.

Warning: Contains one insufferable surgeon who’s sexy as hell, a heroine who plays poker and curses too much, steamy nights in Berlin, …and a love story between two people who help each other heal from their difficult pasts.




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