Return of the Jerk is almost here!

Teaser-ROTJ-small-fast-loadIt’s getting closer! I’m really excited for this book to go live. I only had ‘Year of Living Blonde’ on pre-order for one month, and this has been three! So quite a different experience. On the one hand, the waiting has been torturous, but on the other hand I get to have fun creating these snazzy teasers!  My pre-orders are substantially higher for this book than the first in the series. So *thank you* to all of you who pre-ordered! If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, there’s still time to buy it at .99. It doesn’t go up to it’s regular price (3.99) until 9/23.

In other news I’m planning to have the paperback for Return of the Jerk available within the same week as the eBook launch.  So stay tuned for a Goodreads Giveaway soon.

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been somewhat absent from social media lately. I tend to go on there in bursts, and then go off again for a while. (My true introvert nature comes out!) I did sign up for Instagram recently, if any of you would like to follow me there. I’ve been considering doing Pinterest, as well. I know may authors create boards on there for their stories and characters and their readers create them too. It looks super fun, so hopefully I can get that started. Wouldn’t you like to see who I used for visual inspiration when I wrote Anthony from ‘Year of Living Blonde’? (I’ll give you a hint. He’s an Italian actor from Rome. Ironically, I’d already planned to make Anthony’s family from Rome, so it was pure coincidence when I discovered my inspiration was also Roman!)

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