Tori gets her man…

With a new book coming out soon, I figured it was time for an update on things.

Object of My Addiction has gone up for preorder on Amazon. Yippee! Click here to get your copy. I’m excited for all of you to read Tori and Liam’s story. As some of you may recall, Tori’s family dislikes the law, and Liam’s a lawman, so havoc ensues. To make matters worse, she and Liam have a history from high school, and it’s not the good kind. It’s the kind where her brother, Road, wanted to beat him up. I won’t say anything more, but there’s LOTS more. This book was a blast to write, and I loved watching them fall for each other despite everything.

The book is currently on sale for $2.99. I’m keeping it there for now so all my regular readers can grab it while it’s on preorder and save a couple bucks. The book will be released on July 26th. It’ll also be available in Kindle Unlimited, so be sure to add it to your reading list if you’re a subscriber.

When I started Tori’s book, I was thinking it would be the last one in the series. I initially planned for the series to only have three books, but then Tori showed up in Return of the Jerk with her love of animals and ’80s hair bands, and I just knew I had to write her story. Well, as I was writing this book, her cousin Brody made an appearance. It turns out he and his girlfriend Kiera broke up. At first, I thought nothing of it (besides feeling bad for him since he was bummed.)

But then out of the blue, a scene came to me. To my surprise, it was with Brody and a character named Nina from another book altogether. A standalone I wrote called Fire Down Below. (If you’ve read FDB, Nina is Suzy’s older sister. Beautiful, but icy cold.) I had pondered writing about her a while back but never did. Mostly because I couldn’t picture her hero. Now I know why. It turns out it’s Brody! So my book worlds have collided. Brody and Nina are book five. It’s a younger man older woman romance. He’s a gifted mechanic who owns his own shop. She’s a brilliant political consultant with an MBA from Harvard. The two are literally oil and water. Can Brody crack the ice around Nina? The book is called Too Much Like Love. I don’t have a release date yet. Sometime next year…

BTW, if you haven’t read Fire Down Below, I’m giving you the opportunity to read it for free. It’s a fun book with lots of humor and steam. If you’d like a copy, all you have to do is sign up for my mailing list. (The book retails for $4.99) Please be aware, I’m only planning to do this for a short time.

I’m also happy to announce, I’ll be launching the first book in a new series soon. The series is called Truth Harbor, and it’s based around a fictitious Northwest harbor town. (The town also appears in Object of My Addiction.) The first book should be going up for preorder in October. More details coming soon on this!

Thank you so much for all the kind words and comments about this series, and my books in general. I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. I realize you’ve been waiting patiently for Tori’s book. I hope you enjoy reading it as much I enjoyed writing it. <3



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